Friday, June 25, 2010

Blackout Forever -- Day 364 (Part 3)

“Yeah,” I replied turning my head away from that wildly grinning face.

“Lets do this,” Jesse said, holding his gun up to his chest, barrel pointed skyward and slowly walked across the street.

Just like all the other Clan’s one of the biggest “duh, it common sense, and a necessarily to surviving in this World” things is that you need is a plan. Without a plan in the New World was like traveling under the ocean without an oxygen tank. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

There were many techniques in hunting wild animals in the middle of a city, which wasn’t natural, so obviously it was more difficult to capture the prey, who had more hiding places then in their natural habitat. Our plan was that we would surround the herd, spread out so that we created a large circle and then each take a turn at firing our firearm at the herd, trying to take down anyone we could.

When it came to hunting, the rules to the Old World didn’t apply. There was not one season that you were allowed to hunt and not one type of animal you could take down, like only bucks and not doe’s with fawns. Even if we had big rules like that, how would we get the news around? With the world’s power and electricity stole away from it, we were like cave men again, but crueler and with weapons. There wasn’t a messenger person you could send around with news about new laws and regulations, and if there was, they would be considered Strays and that meant you were up for grabs to be taken in and traded to the Stores.

Stores were gathered people who had the last of the supplies, and I don’t know what would happen to you next. If you were seen alone, unarmed without any type of companion, no matter who you were, you were a Stray. One of the only rules that was known everywhere, and don’t ask me how it got everywhere; I guess it was, again, common sense, that if you were alone, you were anyone’s game. That’s why Clan’s had to stick together and not be seen alone.

The Stores were a very large, about 50 or so, gathered group of people who were merchants and traders. They had the very last, even though it was still a some-what large amount, of supplies that the rest of us needed, like clear water, fresh meat, rice, corn, beans and other vegetables. They also had other things besides food, like candles and matches, clothes, furniture, books, wood, gas for fires, bullets, knifes and other weapons, kitchen essentials and gobs of extra supplies of things that could help you live in the New World and survive.

To be continued...

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