Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blackout Forever-- Day 364 (Part 2)

“Shhh,” I warned, putting my finger up to my mouth and pointing around the building to the deer.

Jesse peaked around and smiled at me. I was our Clan’s best tracker. Maybe I didn’t have the best aim, which sometimes lost us our dinner, but I could track deer like no one else. Clan’s normally started when a family or group of friends came together, and how ever many people it started out with, was how many it stayed with.

If the group had taken in a Stray, a person that had been betrayed, it would only be because they had recently lost one of their members and needed an addition, or that that specific person had a good talent that his original group was too stupid to notice. I just came with Jesse and Kyle and 5 other friends of his, who brought 5 of their friends for our total of 13 members.

We hadn’t taken anyone in yet, and I didn’t mind that. I was the only girl in the entire group, and got the most attention from the guys, which was totally fine with me, but not so much with Jesse. He was really protective over me and Kyle because he “couldn’t stand to lose us”. I was pretty confident that nothing would happen, but I was also glad that Jesse was protecting me. He really cared, unlike our dead parents.

Well my dad used to care, until his new wife, Stephanie, overpowered him. Our dead step-mom died when she became ter-ly sick with the Flu, which wasn’t a problem with me, and later my father went with her by the same sickness, which made me really mad. If she hadn’t had been there, he would have still been alive. But that Witch had to come along just to kill them both. Jesse was more than a son to our dad, they were like brothers, close friends, and when he died, Jesse made a promise to him that he would keep us safe, and dad was still holding it to him.

Our mom had cared a whole lot, though she didn’t have very many things to worry about in the Old World. She had died a couple of years before the ‘world ended’, by getting hit by an eighteen-wheeler truck. We had been able to say goodbye in the hospital, but we weren’t there when she died. I was sure that Jesse would do anything in his power to keep Kyle and me safe and well, even if it meant his life being in jeopardy, which I totally wasn’t about to let him do. So along with keeping my Clan feed and alive, I had to keep myself healthy and living.

“So are we going to shoot some deer or what?” One of the guys behind me said.

I swung my head around and scowled at the face I matched with the voice. I saw Sean, one of the friends Jesse had often had over to the house when the Old World was in play. Sean was always joking around and it had gotten him slugged in the face once or twice when he had said the wrong thing around me or Kyle by Jesse himself, who wouldn’t normally swat a fly (unless that fly was a 6-pointer buck). See, I told you he cared.

To be continued...

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